Basic Psychosocial Skills: Training for COVID-19 Responders

May 5, 2021

The Basic Psychosocial Skills online Training is a FREE program for those affected by the pandemic designed to build resilience and mental health wellbeing for first responders and frontline health staff.

The FREE online course:

  1. Focuses on personal well-being
  2. Explores supportive communication in everyday interactions
  3. Provides a practical framework to enable first responders to support others to problem-solve and make healthy decisions
  4. Examines how to recognise emotional patterns and provide support to individuals
  5. Provides a certificate on completion

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You will need an email account to register and log in for the online course.

For more information and full Power Point with facilitation notes, please contact


Which Brower is better to use for this course?
It is recommended to use Google Chrome for this online course.

How many resources are provided in the Basic Psychosocial Skills training program?
The program provides 3 resources. Guidance report, short online course and presentation with facilitation notes.

How many languages is the guidance offered in?
While the online course is only in English, the guidance report is provided in 28 languages.

Is the online course time-bound?
No. The online course is self-paced and takes an average of 3 hours to complete with a short quiz and a certificate awarded.