What We Do

Past events

Event Year Location Theme
World Congress 2022 London, England Mental health: a global priority
World Mental Health Day 2021 Worldwide Mental Health in an Unequal World. Together we can make a difference.
World Mental Health Day 2020 Worldwide Mental Health for All: Greater Investment – Greater Access. Everyone, everywhere
World Mental Health Day 2019 Worldwide Mental health promotion and suicide prevention
World Mental Health Day 2018 Worldwide Young People and Mental Health
World Mental Health Day 2017 Worldwide Mental health in the workplace
World Congress 2017 New Delhi, India Partnerships in mental health
World Congress 2015 Cairo, Egypt
World Congress 2013 Buenos Aires, Argentina Social Inclusion through Interdisciplinary Interventions
World Congress 2011 Cape Town, South Africa The African Footprint in Global Mental Health
World Congress 2009 Athens, Greece Working Together for Mental Health
World Congress 2007 Hong Kong SAR, China East Meets West: Impact of Culture on Mental Health
World Congress 2005 Cairo, Egypt Equity and Mental Health
World Congress 2003 Melbourne, Australia Parnerships in Health
World Congress 2001 Vancouver, Canada Respecting Diversity in Mental Health in a Changing World
World Congress 1999 Santiago, Chile Interfaces in Mental Health: Poverty, Quality of Life and Society"
World Congress 1998 London, England, UK Partners for Mental Health: Nations for Mental Health (50th Anniversary Symposium)
World Congress 1997 Lahti, Finland Cornerstones for Mental Health
World Congress 1995 Dublin, Ireland Time for Reflection
World Congress 1993 Tokyo, Japan Mental Health: Toward the 21st Century
World Congress 1991 Mexico, DF, Mexico People and Science: Together for Mental Health
World Congress 1989 Auckland, New Zealand Mental Health – Everyone's Concern
World Congress 1987 Cairo, Egypt The Many Worlds of Mental Healt
World Congress 1985 Brighton, England, UK Mental Health 2000 A.D. [Sub-Action Programs for a World in Crisis.]
World Congress 1983 Washington, DC, USA Personal and social responsibility in the search for mental health: Collaboration between volunteers, professionals and governments in the formation of mental health policy and the delivery of services.
World Congress 1981 Manila, Philippines Mental Health, Cultural Values and Social Development: A Look into the '80s
World Congress 1979 Salzburg, Austria The Mental Health of Children and Families
World Congress 1977 Vancouver, Canada Today's Priorities in Mental Health: Knowing and Doing
World Congress 1973 Sydney, Australia Cultures in Collision (25th Anniversary Congress)
World Congress 1968 London, England, UK
World Congress 1961 Paris France
World Congress 1954 Toronto, Canada
World Congress 1951 Mexico, DF, Mexico
World Congress 1948 London, England, UK (Founding meeting of WFMH)