Introduction to WFMH Regional Vice Presidents

March 28, 2022

As per the WFMH Bylaws Regional Vice Presidents (VPs) are elected by the WFMH Board Directors who are elected by the Voting Member Assembly. Each region has a Regional VP and has the responsibility for representing WFMH in the region in which they reside.

The role of Regional VPs is to promote mental health awareness, seek to build on WFMH's international outreach and development strategies, enhance membership development and cultivation, and build relationships with influential members of each country in their region to inform the Board while promoting connections with international non-government and governing bodies.

In support of this, Regional VPs will establish a Regional Advisory Committee for their region. Voting Member Organizations within the Regions are invited to appoint a representative to the Advisory Committee.  The Regional Vice President may also invite other regional mental health organizations to participate in the Regional Advisory Committee.

World Mental Health Day on 10 October is a program of the WFMH that annually raises awareness within the global community about mental health challenges, gaps, and priorities. This is undertaken through collaborative and unifying voices, addressing, and creating lasting change in a world where the humanity and dignity of all people living with mental health needs is protected.

Regional VPs would like you to join them in building a better world for all people. For more information, kindly contact the WFMH Regional Vice President in your region:

Regional Vice Presidents