WFMH Asia Pacific Seminar on the International Day against DRUG ABUSE

July 17, 2023

The event was organised by WFMH (Asia Pacific) in association with the National Alliance for Mental Health- India, Indian Medical Association and the Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Sciences, Thiruvalla, Kerala on 26th June 2023.

Dr Nasser Loza, President WFMH addressed the meeting on-line and lauded the collaboration between WFMH Asia Pacific, IMA and the National Alliance for Mental Health to raise awareness against drug abuse. Dr RV Asokan, President-elect IMA inaugurated the meeting.

Roy A Kallivayalil (WFMH Vice-President Asia Pacific) delivered the keynote address and said the world drug problem is a complex issue that affects millions of people worldwide. Many people who use drugs face stigma and discrimination, which can further harm their physical and mental health and prevent them from accessing the help they need. He focused on the 2023 theme, "People first: stop stigma and discrimination, strengthen prevention".

Dr Joice Geo (Associate Professor), Dr Sr Liza Varghese, Dr Soumya P Thomas, Dr Derrick Johnson, Mr Vijayalal Vijayan, Dr Caroline Sara Cherian and others als spoke. There was houseful attendance and lively participation by the delegates.

Roy A Kallivayali
WFMH Vice President (Asia Pacific)