Announcing 2024 World Mental Health Theme

April 17, 2024

"It is time to Prioritize Mental Health in the Workplace"

Chosen through a global vote involving WFMH members, stakeholders, and supporters, this year's theme, "It is Time to Prioritize Mental Health in the Workplace", is a call to action that resonates worldwide. With over 2000 participants from 116 countries, the selection process was truly inclusive, and the resulting theme reflects the awareness of an urgent need and profound opportunity.

Employed adults spend more time working than any other activity during their waking hours. In a myriad ways, and at its best, work can provide a livelihood and be a source of meaning, purpose, and joy. However, for too many people, work falls far short of its potential, failing to enhance our lives and detracting from our mental health and well-being in ways that result in excessive distress and mental ill health.

Mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, are pervasive in workplaces globally, impacting productivity, attendance, and overall performance. When left untreated, the staggering economic cost is estimated at US$1 trillion annually by the WHO.

The COVID-19 pandemic pulled the curtain back on the dramatic need to address mental health issues in the workplace. Today, around the world, enlightened leaders strive to meet their duty of care, recognizing that addressing the mental health needs of their workforce is not only beneficial for individuals but also for healthy and high-performing organizations.

The data consistently demonstrate that prioritizing workplace mental health is good for people, companies, and communities.

World Mental Health Day 2024 will highlight various aspects of mental health at work, from workplace conditions and stress management to the importance of social inclusion and empowerment. The goal is clear: to champion mental health in the workplace and build best practices that create cultures where workers have the potential to contribute productively and thrive.

As WFMH President, I am excited about global collaboration and partnership with all stakeholders, including business corporations, to make a tangible difference. Altogether, let us prioritize mental health in the workplace and create a brighter future for all

Tsuyoshi Akiyama, WFMH President